The Challenge

When Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital needed to replace two aging chillers for its Maternity Block, a like-for-like replacement was going to take months to manufacturer and transport, before the removal and installation work could even start.

"There were major production delays right across Europe due to the virus and it was going to take at least 10 weeks for the Italian factory to produce the replacement chillers,” explains Matt Hudson, in charge of Capital Projects for the Trust. “We were therefore having to look at hiring expensive temporary chillers to supply cooling instead."

E Series on roof

The Solution

Matt was offered the new e-Series air-cooled chiller instead. These are readily available in the warehouse and not only increase efficiency and control but also take up far less space on the roof and come with extended 7-year warranties.

The modular nature of the e-series allows for a design which best fits any given space and with a capacity ranging from 150kW to 1,080kW, they can save up to 35% of space compared to traditional chillers.

E Series being lifted