14kW Ecodan costal units

13 i-Life radiators

100 Homeless kept warm

The Challenge

North East Homeless had the challenge to provide cost effective heat to a large building used as a warm and welcoming venue. The  building does not have a gas supply and presented a challenge when heating options were discussed with the refurbishment team.

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The Requirements

The high ceiling and potentially high air change rate meant that the heating system had to provide enough circulating heat and supply in order to ensure this large building was heated quickly and efficiently. Externally there was no real protected area for any units or equipment to be placed on the ground due to its close proximity to the road, and the rear of the building overlooks the River Tyne so coastal protection was required.

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The Solution

The installation required a cascade of two 14kW coastal units in order to reach heat demand and protection from the River Tyne. 13 fan assisted i-life radiators were installed in order to heat up and circulate the air quicker around such a large area. This rapid heat-up meant the system could be turned off overnight keeping run costs to a minimum but still bringing the building up to a comfortable temperature each morning. Externally there was no obvious place to discharge condensate or mount the units at ground level, the units had to be mounted at high level externally to the building. 

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