The Challenge

Majestic Wines’ head office required a new air conditioning system which allowed staff to control the temperature in their workspaces. This was because temperatures continually differed between rooms, resulting in spikes in the heating system.

The facilities manager also wanted to be able to control the temperatures to avoid unnecessary wastage. 

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The requirements

Since different workspaces in the building had different needs, the system had to be flexible enough to allow the temperature to vary between the rooms. As with most companies, energy efficiency was also a priority.

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The solution

Four City Multi heat recovery VRF systems were installed. These are powerful enough to serve the entire building, ensuring the needs of the different spaces can be met simultaneously. The full air-conditioning and controls package transfers surplus heat from one room to be re-used elsewhere in the building. This reduces waste since the surplus heat from one room can be used in another. 

Throughout the building, the system is controlled using Mitsubishi Electric simplified remote controllers, allowing the facilities team to limit temperature ranges to avoid unnecessary energy wastage. The system also provides auto-alerts for faults, allowing the facilities team to make immediate adjustments from a desktop computer rather than physically locating the problem. This saves the team time, which they can spend on other areas of their job. 

Majestic’s head office employees were taught how to use the system by the Mitsubishi installation team, again ensuring that staff were aware of the capabilities of the new air conditioning and heating system. Crucially, they are now able to use it for maximum efficiency benefits.

The outcome is that staff are happy, and the headquarters of the UK's largest wine retailer now uses 30 percent less energy than before. 

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By limiting the temperature range within the meeting and training rooms, we have been able to prevent the ‘yo-yo’ effect which you can get when people are using the rooms intermittently throughout the day

Rachel Homewood
Facilities Manager

Products used

R32 Mitsubishi Electric product

R2 Series Standard Heat Recovery (YNW)

R32 VRF heat recovery outdoor units available from 22-34kW, compliment the widest range of innovative VRF solutions available on the market. They deliver lower GWP solutions and offer customers the ability to use one single refrigerant across a complete building or an entire network.

Low noise a/c unit PEFY model


The ultra thin ceiling concealed ducted indoor unit offers increased flexibility and is particulary suitable for places where low noise is desired from a slimline body, such as hotels.