The Challenge

The owners of a luxury, 3-bedroom Cornish holiday apartment were delighted to see fresh air ventilation included in the specification but less than pleased at how noisy the system was. So when they were looking to replace the old unit to overcome the issues with noise, they prioritised energy efficiency, comfort and above all, quietness.

Exterior of apartments

Sensitive Sensor

The second bedroom in the 3-bedroom apartment was a particular problem as the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) was mounted on a partition wall between the bedroom and the airing cupboard. Measurements of the sound pressure level were recorded as 33.5 dB(A) (*) even with non-boosted air flow rates.

 The problem was exacerbated by a PIR (passive infrared) sensor in the en suite of bedroom 1, which put the ventilation into boost whenever the en suite was used, even in the middle of the night.

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The Solution

The solution was the installation of a Lossnay VL-250CZPVU-R-E from Mitsubishi Electric to replace the existing MVHR unit. Designed to be as quiet as possible, these Lossnay units are perfect for homes and apartments where occupants can benefit from energy efficient, filtered fresh air without even noticing that the unit is running.

Living Room

Improved Air Flow

After fitting the Lossnay the installation engineer increased the air flow rates where required and re-measured the sound levels.

In normal mode with the Lossnay operating, there was a whisper quiet 20.4 dB(A) (*) in the hallway. Otherwise, in all other rooms there were no detectable noise increases from background levels despite the increased extract rate compared to the previous unit.

In bedroom 2, with the unit in boost mode, the engineer recorded a noise level from the Lossnay MVHR of only 12.4 dB(A) (*) which is a huge reduction of 19.9 dB(A) achieved.

Reductions of between 5.7 and 9.2 dB(A) were also recorded in all other rooms compared to the previous model.

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Silent Mode

This allows settings for the boost signal to eliminate nuisance tripping from the PIR sensor with a delay timer. In addition, the owners have access to a ‘silent mode schedule’ to completely ignore the PIR sensor between pre-set times of the day or week. The apartment owners have described the change as transformational

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