The challenge

Garfield House is a distinct, modern offering from, etc Venues in Central London’s Edgware Road. A meeting and conference venue comprising 22 separate meeting spaces of varying sizes. These are spread across all three levels of the building and contain breakout spaces and separate seating for coffee areas. Rooms in the venue are available for companies to hire. The building itself is used to host large-scale conferences, small seminars, and training days. 

The company wanted all three levels of the building fitted with contemporary and efficient air conditioning and heating. Not only that, but the new system had to align with the building’s industrial design décor so that it also became part of the venue's ambiance. 

garfield house 2

The requirements

A complete system was required for the top floor of the building as there was nothing there. The first and second floors had a split system which proved inadequate for the building’s needs. Not only did the new system have to prove energy efficient, but major parts – such as ducted fan coil units - would also be visible, so it had to be built with display in mind.

garfield house 1

The solution

Specialist installer and Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner, Cool Systems Holdings Group, did the design and installation. This involved completely stripping the current split systems from both the first and second levels of the building so that no units, piping, etc., remained. This left the building devoid of any installation whatsoever. 

A state-of-the-art heat recovery air conditioning and ventilation system was then installed over all three floors. This was to ensure users' comfort, regardless of where in the building they were sitting.

In keeping with the contemporary industrial theme, the air conditioning – in the form of ductwork runs and vents – was on show as part of the overall look of the building. 

The building’s smaller server rooms, pantry, and kitchen spaces were serviced with smaller split air conditioning units. These weren’t accessible to the public, so there was no need to continue the visible industrial design theme here.

garfield house 4

The brief was to ensure all services were exposed in line with the contemporary design the client was going for, which meant using exposed ducted fan coil units on the ceilings on each of the floors

Martin Lazovy
CS Group Technical Design Engineer