Key Drivers For Choosing R290

The homeowners of the property, Neil and Anne Clark are strong advocates of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.  

Their decision to install the R290 heat pump was underpinned by two driving factors. The primary motivation was to replace their conventional oil boiler without the need for radiator upgrades. Secondly, the property is situated in a tranquil location overlooking Lake Windermere, which presented an additional consideration to keeping the sound level to a minimum.  

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Environmental Consciousness

Neil and Anne’s environmental commitment is reflected in their property, it includes a large 15-panel solar array. This is positioned to maximise solar production and generates 6kw of electricity at peak hours, which provides energy for their new R290 heat pump. 

The Ecodan R290 not only reaches temperatures of up to 75°C but also performs exceptionally well in challenging weather conditions. In places like the Lake District, where snow blankets the surroundings, the R290 showcases it’s capability of efficiently heating in extremely cold temperatures, reaching as low as -15°C. 

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Opting for the new Ecodan R290 meant that Neil and Anne could install the heat pump without having to change the property’s radiators. In addition, the reduced noise of the Ecodan R290 heat pump allows them to maintain a peaceful atmosphere of the location with the system running at noise level of just 56dB(A), close to the ambient sound of a library.  

The Ecodan R290 heat pump is proudly manufactured in Mitsubishi Electric’s factory in Livingston, Scotland. As the largest heat pump manufacturer in Britain, it supports the investment in the UK’s green economy and the wider transition to low-carbon heating.  

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