£15 a month in electricity bills

2 bedroom bungalow

8kW Ecodan

The Challenege

Heating a new build bungalow which was developed to the specific requirements of the Lamb family, including Mr Lamb who suffers from a degenerating illness. The bungalow therefore had to be both wheelchair friendly and eco-friendly, making it ideal for a renewable heating system which could work with under floor heating.

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The Requirements

The heating had to be provided via under floor heating, making an Ecodan air source heat pump the ideal choice. This also enabled Mr and Mrs Lamb to enjoy low carbon hot water and lower energy bills.

Eskgrove Ecodan

The Solution

An 8.5kW Ecodan air source heat pump was installed outside the bungalow allowing the Lamb family to enjoy a warm and cosy home, while paying as little as £15 month on their electricity bills.

The bungalow has exceeded our expectations, you walk in and it's beautifully cosy and warm. It is also trouble free, you set the thermostat to the level you want and that's all you have to do.

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