Central to the Council’s vision for the new school was a building that could achieve an energy efficient BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.

SBS Architects

£0 building project

142219 floor area includes 14 classrooms

420 pupils and staff

The Challenge

When Warrington Borough Council decided to develop a new urban village, it wanted an innovative, ultra-modern primary school building at its heart that was able to demonstrate the council’s commitment to sustainable living.

Chapelford 3

The Requirements

Key to the £4.3 million building project was a low-impact design which used advanced, renewable, energy efficient equipment to keep the school environment fresh and comfortable for both staff and pupils.

Chapelford 2

The Solution

The designers were so confident that the Ecodan system would fulfil every requirement for the building’s heating and hot water that only a small gas supply has been installed to serve the kitchen area.

The CAHV system is capable of delivering 172kW at an outdoor temperature of -3°C, with minimal drop off down to -20°C including defrost.

Chapelford 1