The Cooltherm team in Wales was chosen to design a bespoke full turnkey chiller plant to provide the university with the most efficient and low carbon system as possible.

The Cooltherm experts back-engineered the existing system and regrouped all the data to ensure the design was as efficient as possible, as well as maximising the performance of the system.

Cardiff University Building Exterior

"The choice of chiller was really important, A 90kW Mitsubishi Electric e-series chiller was selected because it uses highly efficient scroll compressor technology to minimise the starting current and reduce carbon emissions." Romain Pernet, Projects Supervisor, Cooltherm

The e-series is also available off-the-shelf, unlike traditional chillers which can take several weeks to build. The e-series offers a soft-start of just 8Amps, compared to a conventional chiller which would have an average starting current of 180A. This is anticipated to save the university £4,000 a year on energy costs.

E Series Chiller Cardiff University