4 Bed House

5kW Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

170L Pre-Plumbed Standard Cylinder

The Challenge


In early 2020, Barratt Developments announced its commitment to building zero carbon homes from 2030. The first phase in reaching this audacious target was through building a concept home for the future. The Zed House. 

Minimise Emissions

The Zed House project is in place to help create zero carbon and nature-friendly homes to minimise people's carbon emissions. 

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The Requirements

Alternative Heating Solutions

To help meet Barratt Developments goal, they face the challenge of finding a suitable, efficient, and cost effective alternative heating solution that minimises carbon emissions compared to traditional heating systems such as oil or LPG boilers.


Low Heating Bills & Reliable Heating

A modern alternative to traditional heating systems was required to help keep heating bills low and delivering reliable heating all year round. 

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The Solution

5kW Ecodan Heat Pump

The energy crisis is the biggest factor affecting home energy bills. Modern technologies such as Mitsubishi Electric's Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump provide the perfect solution for the challenge Barratt Development. A 5kW Ecodan was installed supplying heat to the home via infrared radiators and heated skirted boards.


Reducing CO2 Emissions

Being easy to install, the Ecodan unit met the requirements for the Z House through the system being able to reduce CO2 emissions whilst also being able to reduce running costs. This is a big help in the pursuit to meet renewable energy targets. 

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Products Used

Ecodan R32 Compact Puz Monobloc: Designed to satisfy smaller heat demand domestic premises, the market leading low noise levels virtually eliminate the need for planning permission and maximises installation options.

  • A+++ high efficiency
  • Low noise levels
  • Maintain full heating capacity at low temperatures
  • Zero carbon solution
  • MELCloud Enabled


Available in: 5.0kW

R32 PUZ 5kW

Ecodan R32 FTC6 Monobloc: Pre-plumbed standard cylinders come complete with integrated hydraulic components and advance controls. They are pre-plumbed and wired for faster installation

  • Optional 2 - Zone energy efficient space heating control
  • Ready - Plumped and wired for faster installation
  • Hybrid function, for use with conventional boilers
  • Energy monitoring as standard
  • MEL Cloud Wi-fi connectivity

Available in: 150L, 170L, 210L, 250L, 300L

FTC6 Pre Plumbed 170L Standard Cylinder