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In Net Zero Week, Ben Bartle-Ross looks at the positive impact of the HVAC industry

We’ve just had our first annual company conference in over two years and whilst it was great to see people that I hadn’t seen for so long, it was also inspiring to hear just how much business opportunity there will be in the next few years for everyone in our sector.

This is because of the need to decarbonise all parts of the UK economy by 2050 and this is where the HVAC industry is ready to step up and play its part.

As an important part of the construction sector, we hold a pivotal place in the decarbonisation of the country’s buildings, because the products we supply, install and maintain, make a real and immediate impact to carbon reduction.

Remember that around 40% of all carbon emissions come from buildings and construction, so changing the way we heat, cool and ventilate these buildings can and will make a major difference.

Whether in a new build, or in the 80% of buildings that will still be here in 2050, our products and your expertise help increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon, whilst also helping businesses and consumers cut their running costs in a time of rising energy prices.

As we start Net Zero Week, it’s important to recognise the significant impact that our industry has on carbon reduction

Ben Bartle Ross Ben Bartle-Ross Technical trainer

You are worth so much

The other thing that I found inspiring about our conference that I think is worth sharing with you, is the impact that we all make on carbon reduction, and how much greater it is than the average person.

As we start Net Zero Week, we all know that we need to change our lifestyles to help reduce carbon and we can all cycle more, rather than jump in the car, or stop leaving electric things on standby, or cut down on meat, all of these things are important and collectively, will make a difference.

My colleagues in our Product Marketing department have calculated the carbon reduction impact of the products we sell and worked out that each individual member of our department offsets more CO2 than 243 average members of society.

And although your own businesses circumstances will be slightly different, I think we can use this as a rough guide to the value that you and your staff also bring to the table.

So, whether you are out there installing energy saving and renewable products, or back in the office in important support functions, you are making a fantastic difference.

I don’t know about you, but I take pride in that.

There’s gold in green

The other thing about working in our industry at this point in time, is that the stars really do seem to be aligning and this puts us all in an excellent position.

  • We have legally-binding carbon reduction targets.
  • We have products and solutions that will make a difference.
  • We have a skilled industry ready to install, commission and maintain these solutions.

I see this as a real potential for growth, which is I’m optimistic about the next few years.

We have to hit these carbon reduction targets and we are in an industry, with the products, skills and expertise to help achieve it.

Ben Bartle-Ross is a technical trainer at Mitsubishi Electric