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Ben Bartle-Ross looks at the benefits of videos to installers on the job

OK, OK, I’m not advocating that you spend time during your working day catching up on the latest Netflix series or see how your favourite celeb is doing on ‘Strictly’.

That would be plain silly and likely get you into trouble with your boss, wouldn’t it?

However, there will have been times on site where you need help and advice on some technical aspect of the install and up until now, that has meant flicking through a databook, scrolling around a manufacturer’s website or calling a helpline to speak to a ‘techy’.

Talking to a real person

Like all good manufacturers should, we have a dedicated team on our technical helpline who deal with hundreds of calls a day to help our customers on site.

Queries can be as quick and simple as checking which dipswitch setting to engage, or dealing with an unexpected fault code, to more complex issues such as understanding how to set up and programme an overall system controller.

Whilst it is always nice to speak to a real person, the helpful person on the other end of the phone can’t actually see the physical situation you find yourself in, or the set up you are talking about.

These helpdesks are designed to help solve your query as quickly as possible but they do need to understand exactly what your issue is to be able to help, and that can take time to explain, and time is often the last thing you have on site, especially at this time of year as the daylight hours get shorter.

And that’s why I am advocating turning to video.

Right there, right then

Everyone has a smartphone now on them at all times, and with internet access, it is now possible to access useful videos that show you exactly how to resolve the issue right in front of you, right there, right then.

We have created a series of ‘How to’ videos on our range of controllers for example which show you how to do much, much more than just get the system up and running.

How would you like access to immediate help that shows you how to set up a weekly schedule, or limit temperatures, set auto-off, or schedule the night setback function?

Most of these helpful and explanatory videos are 3 minutes or less, so in less time than it takes you to ring a helpdesk, speak to someone, explain your issue and get the help you need, you can often find the answer you want.

Just press play

We’ve now got 39 ‘How to’ videos covering many aspects of our air conditioning controllers and another 14 covering our Ecodan heat pump controllers

We are also busy creating more that explain things like how to commission the water side of our Hybrid VRF air conditioning system and have useful FAQ videos that can also help you explain technologies to your customers.

So the next time you are on site looking for help, or want to convince a customer that you know what you’re talking about and it is supported by the largest manufacturer in the industry, reach for your phone and you’ll hopefully be amazed and delighted at the support available.

We also welcome thoughts from installers on the videos we have yet to create and this is subject I regularly discuss with the engineers coming on our training course.

So if you have any ideas on subjects that will help you when you are out on site, let us know, won’t you?

Ben Bartle-Ross is a technical trainer at Mitsubishi Electric