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Kirsty Hammond explores the benefits of home ventilation

2021 was certainly a year of experiences, wasn’t it?

Whilst we were all still grappling with Covid, many around the world were experiencing record breaking weather conditions.

Extreme heat and rainfall alongside devastating fires and drought. The climate events of recent times will make their mark for years to come both environmentally and economically.

As we continue to be forced inside through the recent pandemic and extreme weather changes, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to readdress the way we use our homes for rest and work.

Transforming air quality and creating a comfortable environment inside, will in the future become vital if we are to continue along this trajectory.

A constant supply of fresh clean air can support a healthy mind and improve physical health

Kirsty Hammond Kirsty Hammond Editor of Specifier Review

Moisture prevention

Whilst HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, it can be as simple as a source of ventilation. More importantly, it allows for moisture to escape from a building. This system allows air to move freely throughout your home, preventing damp and moisture build up.

If we are to live successfully alongside future pandemics, then circulating your home with fresh, dry air should be paramount. Air inside your home can surprisingly be more polluted than outside!

With energy bills rocketing and our households being run at the mercy of the energy companies and our environment, we need to look forward to more efficient and sustainable ways of heating our homes.

Many modern HVAC systems are designed with eco-friendliness in mind, reducing both our carbon footprints and our bills! As eco-friendly technology advances, we will see a rise in solar thermal units, heat pump systems, thermal energy storage and geothermal HVAC units.

Smart thermostats can also be set up to receive a “bad air” quality signal, which will activate the fan and boost airflow throughout your home.

Breathing in stale and polluted air can reduce your oxygen supply and even have a detrimental effect on your immune system function. Dangerous if our bodies are to fight viruses such as covid 19.

Health boost

Allowing plenty of clean, fresh air in your home will provide a boost to your health.

Fresh air increases the amount of oxygen in your body which allows white blood cells to function more efficiently. This helps to strengthen the immune system to fight off bacteria and illness more effectively.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, anxiety and depression are top of the list when it comes to mental health complaints. The connection between our home and our emotional stability is well documented. Creating clean, fresh spaces can improve our mental health.

The power of sunlight

The effects of fresh air and sunlight are design elements that can be introduced into our homes. When used correctly and cleverly both can create an environment conducive to reducing stress, anxiety, illness and depression.

Sunlight reduces depression and increases energy and motivation. Recent studies have reported that daylight was one of the most critical factors in increasing productivity for home workers and fresh air critical for keeping illness at bay.

Many studies also highlight the psychological and physiological benefits of natural light and air. Employees with access to natural light outperformed those who only had artificial light to work with.

Vitality and quality sleep was also lacking. A constant supply of fresh clean air can support a healthy mind and improve physical health.

“More oxygen will clear your mind, rejuvenate your skin and energise your whole body. On the other hand, lack of oxygen will lead to mental sluggishness, lack of focus, depression and anxiety.” – Stress Management Society.

Kirsty Hammond is editor of Specifier Review