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12 simple tips for lowering your Christmas carbon footprint 

As we all look forward to spending time with family and friends there are still simple things you can do this Christmas to help minimise your carbon footprint – And in the spirit of that famous Christmas song here are 12 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas.

Christmas Dinner

Be mindful about the food waste – good planning and preparation is the key. Plan meals accordingly and have food storage containers at hand ready for leftovers (if any).

I don't know about you, but for my household, the leftovers are a major part of Christmas!

Christmas Tree

Studies have suggested you would need to keep an artificial tree for 20 years for it to be greener than a real one… So if possible, source one that’s been grown locally or grown within the UK.

My colleague Susan Froome has also looked at recycling trees and her post includes a fantastic video showing how much lions love a good tree!

Christmas Lights

Choose LED and put them on the timer

Christmas Shopping

Keep reusable shopping bags handy in your handbag or car to avoid singe use ones. 

Christmas Presents

Choose eco-friendly gifts:

  • Consider gifts that don’t consume electricity
  • If require batteries – choose rechargeable batteries
  • Reusable gifts
  • Homemade
  • Why not gift of experience rather than an item

Wrapping Paper

Use environmentally friendly wrapping paper

Christmas Cards

Make your own or buy ones made from recycled paper and avoid glittery ones. Don’t forget to recycle them afterwards

Christmas Decorations

Why not try natural decorations  (e.g. mistletoe  and holly)

Christmas Jumpers

Turn the heating down by 1 degree and enjoy the warmth of your Christmas jumper

Christmas Time

Turn off TV/Xbox/PlayStation etc. and save some electricity. Get out a pack of cards or some board games and enjoy family and friends time. 


Christmas is a time for sharing so make sure you share your Christmas Tips with everyone

New Year’s resolutions

Remember small changes add up – every little helps, so make sure you resolve to have a greener New Year.

Russell Jones is content and communications manager and curator of The Hub