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With the news that the UK has just had its greenest ever summer, Russell Jones looks back at articles on The Hub that highlight the importance of us all playing our part.

National Grid has hit the headlines recently for all the right reasons in my book, with the news that the over half the UK electricity came from low carbon sources during late June and September.

The company has also launched new software to forecast the ‘greeness’ of electricity over the following two days, which aims to help consumers understand the issue and control their own energy use better.

The other key points from the news report for me are that offshore wind power generation is now cheaper than new nuclear power, and renewable electricity is supplying more than half of all requirements.

Our mission is to provide information that will engage, (hopefully) entertain and educate anyone involved in using energy within the built environment

Russell Jones Content and Communications Manager

Our blogsite has now been live since March and we like to think that in our own small way we are affecting this whole green agenda.  In essence, this is the core mission of The Hub – we need everyone to understand how to ensure they have the most comfortable, indoor environment, in the most energy efficient way possible.

Of course as a manufacturer, we are confident we have a building services solution that can help just about anyone to heat, cool or ventilate their building, but The Hub is designed to inform, rather than sell.

That’s why over the summer, you will have seen articles looking whether we should ban plastic bottles, just how sustainable Premier League football clubs are; and even the importance of neighbourhoods for society.

We’ve also looked at how cycling can not only get you fit but is also better for the environment; examined the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and taken a look at the global reaction to President Trump’s rejection of the Paris Climate Agreement.

A variety of topics and bloggers

Our independent guest bloggers have focused on important legislation affecting building owners, including the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES); changes to air conditioning with new R32 refrigerants; and also looked at all of the most basic questions about air source heat pumps.

The Hub has also looked at whether we are heading for the dystopian future of The Handmaid’s Tale; explored what the weather patterns in Game of Thrones can teach us about our own; and questioned how sustainable reality shows such as Love Island really are.

I could go on as we upload at least four articles a week and have now amassed over 150 blogs which we believe are highly relevant and easily searchable

Our mission is to provide information that will engage, (hopefully) entertain and educate anyone involved in using energy within the built environment so that they can make an informed decision on how to heat, cool, ventilate and control their own situation in the most energy efficient and ‘green’ way possible.  

That means you will find articles on how you can improve things at home, as well as blogs looking at how retailers can attract customers using an energy efficient open door policy, and other general advice for facilities managers, air conditioning installers and heating engineers.

Coming up this month

... we will be looking at changes to the electricity market and the opportunities this presents for building owners; focus on the issues affecting both the housebuilding market and the social housing sector; explore the differences in chiller technologies and, my fellow blogger Ellina will look at how to prepare to spend her first winter in her new home.

We will also keep an eye on upcoming trends but are always open to suggestions, so would love to hear your thoughts on these articles and the wider issues surrounding climate change, renewable energy and the built environment. In the meantime, make sure you are following @meuk_les on Twitter to see more of the articles we’re sharing.

Russell Jones is Content and Communications Manager for Mitsubishi Electric, Living Environment Systems in the UK.