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As working from home becomes normal for many, Rachel Lekman asks whether we should add office levels of comfort?

Working life has changed significantly for many people in the last two years. One of the main shifts has been a new way of thinking about home working.

Many office workers have welcomed a chance to avoid a busy commute, or to spend a few extra hours each day with the family.

But there are some challenges to be faced by the home worker. Not least is finding a space in or around the home where it’s possible to get things done without interruption.

It may be that a spare bedroom is now the office hub.

The more ambitious have taken the plunge and added an office ‘pod’ to the garden, or perhaps converted the garage to a working space. Finding the balance of comfort and productivity is the key.

Air conditioning can also keep your workspace warm in the winter

Rachel Lekman Rachel Lekman Channel Marketing Manager

Work is cool

And that’s where the office often has the edge. Not many of us really love the office, but it does have some benefits. One of these is a controlled indoor climate.

We may not even notice it, but the office is warm in winter and cool in summer – balanced by air conditioning systems that keep the indoor environment healthy and pleasant.

Most UK homes have heating, of course, but cooling may be another issue.

And it’s likely that in the UK’s increasingly warm summers, the thought of an air conditioned space becomes very tempting.

So more people are considering adding air conditioning to their own home working space.

Purchasing air conditioning will be a new experience for most UK homeowners, as it’s not often found in our domestic sector.

However, there is a good choice of equipment out there that can provide great indoor cooling and heating, while even helping to filter air for better healthy.

For anyone thinking of adding air conditioning to the home office, there are some important questions to consider:

1. What are the running costs?

This is a key question to think about. Modern home air conditioning equipment can be very energy efficient.

Look for features such as inverter technology that ensures the air conditioning always operates as energy efficiently as possible, whether it’s in cooling or heating mode.

2. Will it fit?

This seems like an obvious question, and most air conditioning ranges for homes are designed for small spaces.

However, some home offices may be in loft rooms or other spaces with low ceilings or sloping walls that might not always be suited to accommodate a wall-mounted unit.

You may need to consider a floor-mounted unit in this space.

3. How does the air move around the room? And will it be filtered

You may not have considered this while working in a large, open-plan office with high ceilings. But if you are in a smaller space such as a new garden pod or converted bedroom, the speed and direction of air flow can make a big difference to your comfort.

Feeling cool is great but sitting in a draft gets uncomfortable very quickly. Look for features such as an auto-swing vane to ensure a more natural and comfortable flow of air throughout the room.

More people are concerned about indoor air quality in their homes. Ask about filters used in air conditioning equipment, as these can help to reduce outdoor pollutants coming into your workspace.

One example is the Mitsubishi Electric Plasma Quad Connect filter that works with our M Series range of air conditioning units. The Plasma Quad neutralises 6 indoor air pollutants including allergens, bacteria, mould and dust.

4. Is it good at heating too?

Air conditioning doesn’t just provide cooling in summer, it can also keep your workspace warm in the winter.

Also, your home office may be used for other family activities at the weekends – a small home gym or hobby room – so be sure to ask about the system’s ability to provide a mix of heating and cooling.

That way, the space is comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

5. Who will install the system and maintain it?

Ensure that the equipment you buy is installed by experts who are properly accredited. Mitsubishi Electric has a partner programme for installers who are trained on its equipment.

This assures customers that they’re getting high standards of service from installers who know our equipment and how to ensure it operates most effectively.

If you’d like to learn more about air conditioning for your home office (or any other room in your home) then take a look at our extensive range of products to find out more.

Rachel Lekman is Channel Marketing Manager