The benefits of MELFinance

MELFinance helps businesses to manage their cash flow by funding the cost of both new HVAC equipment and its installation via ‘hire purchase finance’, or ‘leasing’. This means they can benefit from the installation of leading Air Conditioning, Chillers, Heating, Ventilation and Controls to reduce carbon emissions, operational costs and meet legislative demands.

  • Working capital is not tied up
  • Offset repayment interest against energy savings from new equipment
  • Packages can include on-site installation and commissioning fees
  • No need for hefty deposits: Finance deals are secured wholly or largely on the heating, cooling and/or ventilation equipment being financed
  • Stronger cash flow: Releases tied-up cash and preserves other forms of credit for other business or operational needs
  • Fixed, regular payments: Helps you plan for the future by eliminating uncertainty and costly surprises
  • Quick decisions: We always aim to provide a prompt turnaround for funding applications

Customer Testimonial

We felt the finance terms were good,” says Jenks. “When we compared the terms to a loan, it didn’t beat the quote we had from MELFinance.

Fiona Jenks
Support Assistant,
Software Europe