Company requirements

We require the following proof of company and engineer certification from all our DQP partners.


Service, maintenance & commissioning and site labour engineers

Please note, service, maintenance, and commissioning engineers are required to be directly employed by a DQP Partner.

Installation engineers can be either directly employed labour (DEL) or subcontracted labour. If subcontracted, the engineers or installation company will need to match DEL engineer qualifications.

Installation Engineers must be supervised at all times by a Service, Maintenance, or Commissioning Engineer. Installers will not be able to commission, service or repair any piece of plant where breaking into the fridge system is required. (F-Gas engineers only).

Please identify your DQP Partner Programme contact.

The Partner Programme contact will receive all correspondence for the DQP application and will be the main contact for arranging the site audit.

How is your turnover segmented?
What industry sectors do you operate in, and what percentage of turnover can you attribute to each one?
Which parts of the UK do you traditionally work in? (Please tick all that apply)

Please let us know the type of leads you are interested in receiving.

Please note: any leads are provided by Mitsubishi Electric at its discretion.

There is no assurance of any sales leads


Your company will be subject to one site audit per annum; this will be returned in full to your company and status of audit identified. Should a pass be awarded there will be another audit diarised for a year on. A fail will necessitate a further audit within three months. In the event of a second fail you will have not reached required standard and will be removed from DQP scheme and will need to reapply one year on from second audit failure.

In order to fully facilitate opportunities and projects that may be offered via the DQP scheme, you will be required to maintain their credit account and ensure the said account doesn’t fall overdue. Credit limit is minimum of £60k.

Subject to these prevailing Conditions of application, the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme - Business Solution Partner Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time will apply generally to your company for its DQP status when confirmed in writing by Mitsubishi Electric.

Your company and Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. act as independent parties. This application does not constitute any legal partnership or joint venture between your company and Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Neither party can bind the other or contract in the name of the other or create any liability against the other.

This application is subject to contract and subject to the satisfactory provision of a wholly completed application form and any required supporting documentation. During the application process your company shall not describe itself to any third party as a Mitsubishi Electric Partner.

Upon acceptance of your successful application to join the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme you grant Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. permission to publicise your participation within the Programme.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. reserves the right to inform relevant third parties and prospective end-user customers of this proposal or any existing commercial relationship.

By signing this application form you acknowledge that Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. does not propose to stand as guarantor for your company and that your company’s status shall require an annual accreditation review. Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. reserves the right to update the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme’s accreditation criteria as it reasonably considers appropriate.

You will provide Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V with your contact details and other information ranking as your personal data as part of this application for DQP status. We will use this personal information for communication to you during our assessments of the application and our decision as DQP to registration.

Where your company’s application is accepted then Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V will use the personal information that you provide us here for our continuing administration of your company’s participation within the DQP Partner Programme. This will include informing you about our products and services directly relevant to DQP.

In addition, we may require your company to disclose the qualifications or competencies of its engineers or operatives for the administration of Mitsubishi Electric’s Europe B.V.’s Product Warranty terms and conditions applicable to your company as a DQP.

We will not disclose your personal data or that of any engineers or operatives to third parties for marketing purposes.

However, if your company achieves DQP registration, we may wish to use your personal contact details to inform you about other Mitsubishi Electric goods and services promotions or events outside the scope of DQP; if you wish to receive any such information please tick this box:

By providing any personal data, your company holds itself out as having all necessary consents from those persons or otherwise all rights of disclosure and that your company complies with all applicable data protection laws.

By submitting this form, I hereby confirm that all information provided within this application and any supporting documents or attachments are fully correct at the time of submission. I am a duly authorised officer of the named company.