A full range of innovative solutions

The Technology

We have a range of heating, cooling, ventilation and control equipment that meets the essential requirements of offices, no matter what their size. This includes in-built reliability and innovation to provide a comfortable environment and help your business reduce both carbon emissions and running costs.

The Knowledge

We have dedicated sales teams who have created a range of documents to keep you informed of any changes in legislation, new product features or simple industry information. We also run seminars and training tailored to suit the requirements of the office sector.


We strive to ensure optimum performance of your equipment

We have recommended maintenance programmes in order to ensure optimum efficiency and operation of equipment throughout its lifecycle. We also run courses to cover best practice for maintenance contractors.

Dedicated interfaces for efficient control

We have dedicated controllers designed for energy efficient control of our HVAC systems. Our range of controllers can also control third-party equipment, allowing for easy, advance saving and energy metering across the whole building. With our Remote Monitoring Interfaces, you can control and monitor all systems via a PC or smart device.

A Perfect Match

Ask ME how we can help you to build back better

As we come out from under the shadow of the pandemic, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to helping building engineering contractors meet stringent net zero carbon targets via market leading, lower carbon and lower global warming potential HVAC products. As a trusted voice within the building engineering and building services industries, we provide a huge range of highly advanced products that assist our clients in the development and ongoing running of living environments within building and wider eco-systems.

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100 years of product innovation

Our commitment to solving the current specific challenges faced by
the industry and the broader challenges faced by society comes from a 100 year dedication to improving the quality of people’s lives via continued product innovation. As the headline sponsor for the 2021 BESA Conference, we are looking forward to welcoming leading voices from within the HVAC industry and working with them to overcome the challenges that have been highlighted during the pandemic.

Together we can build back better, safer and greener.

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100 years of innovation

Ask ME about our versatile systems

We offer a full range of HVAC solutions for almost any building type. From small single rooms to entire multi-floor office buildings, hospitals, hotels, retail & leisure outlets - right up to a large scale built environments like University campuses. Our solutions include market-leading air conditioning systems, that feature powerful filtration for bacteria and pollutants and a Hybrid VRF system that removes the need for refrigerant in occupied spaces. Thanks to these products we can not only help to reduce the carbon footprint of your building infrastructure but create better and healthier environments for staff, customers, residents, guests and patients.

We continually strive to provide customers with the best possible service, whether its pre-sales design and specification, installation or after-sales maintenance support.

mitsubishi electric versatile systems

Ask ME about solutions for offices

As the UK's leading manufacturer of air conditioning, Mitsubishi Electric’s equipment is already installed in thousands of offices in the UK. We also offer unique heat recovery solutions that utilise the latest refrigerants to future-proof new builds and bring refurbishments right up to date with legislation.

From years of experience, we understand the needs of the office sector. Whether it is giving your staff or customers a comfortable environment or meeting today’s energy efficiency requirements, we are here to help you.

mitsubishi electric versatile products

From The Hub

Suggested products for office application

R32 heat recovery MEUK product

R2 Series High Efficiency Heat Recovery (YNW)

City Multi R2 systems provide simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery. These units can result in energy savings of up to 30% over conventional systems.

Eseries Modules Transparent

EACV / EAHV e-series Modular Chiller

The e-series chiller allows for up to six individual units to be connected together to provide a system capacity from 90kW to 540kW.

LOSSNAY ventilation units for fresh air

Commercial Lossnay

Exceptional ventilation for commercial applications. ideal for schools, factories, restaurants, offices, small shops, hotels and leisure.